Additional Services has a specific meaning in all aged care homes.

Additional Services does not mean that a higher level of care is provided – all residents are afforded the same level of high quality care.

Regis Additional Services let you choose to purchase higher levels of personal comfort and more individual lifestyle preferences. They are sometimes referred to as ‘hotel services’ and are available in both low and high care.

They include options like larger rooms, broader menu choices, cable television, day spas, wine with meals and so on.

Regis Additional Services may be provided throughout a facility or within a specific wing or section and are available in selected Regis facilities.

Regis offers two levels of Additional Services – Regis Club Services and Regis Reserve.

Regis Reserve

The Regis Reserve provides you with a large range of services for a nominal additional investment. These include:

  • Superior accommodation
  • Personally adjustable heating and cooling
  • In-room flat screen digital TV
  • Dedicated dining and living areas
  • Additional choices at your lunch and evening meal

Regis Club Services

Regis Club Services is our top of the range Additional Services offering.

Regis Club Services are based on hotel-style offerings and are available at 11 facilities across Australia. These extra special services include:

  • Club Services Manager
  • Menu Choice
  • On-site Cafe
  • On-site Chef
  • Private Dining Room
  • Private Cinema
  • Hairdressing Salon and Day Spa
  • Personalised Well-Being Program
  • Pay TV connectivity
  • e-zone

To find out more on this exceptional offering, call Regis Advice on 1300 998 100.

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