Awarding Excellence & Compassion – 2017 Regis National Staff Awards

Each year Regis recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution our employees make every day with the Regis National Staff Awards.  This year there was an outstanding response with a record of over 2400 nominations submitted from staff, residents and families.

The awards celebrate the skill, compassion and vitality of Regis staff in multiple clinical categories as well as recognise the innovations, outstanding leadership and generous contributions from volunteers. Here are this year’s phenomenal winners.

Service Excellence- Regis People Supporting Regis People Award

Cyn North Award
Winner- Cyn, Carer
Cyn works tirelessly to increase staff morale and retention at Marleston. Cyn has innovative ideas and is willing to go the extra mile to bring happiness and fun to the staff and residents. Her integrity and generosity has staff comfortable asking her for advice and support. Her passion and commitment to improving the workplace has seen Cyn consistently go above and beyond her role.


Rachel Morel Award
Runner Up- Rachel, Office Coordinator
Described as supportive, helpful, humble, committed and hard working, Rachel has a demonstrated passion for her role. Being a person with an extraordinary capability for juggling, Rachel is a team player who not only does her job well but joins in on all staff activities, as well as assists others at Embleton and the wider Regis community at a moment’s notice.

Outstanding Facility Services Award

Chris Grady Award
Winner- Chris, Lifestyle
A popular nominee, every year Chris receives nominations from residents, families, and management, citing examples of his amazing lifestyle programs, friendly disposition and commitment to improvement. Year on year sees Chris improve Armadale’s and Regis’ lifestyle programs. A willing and capable coordinator, he trials new national programs, provides feedback and helps all and sundry when required- even out of hours.


Sabu Thomas Award
Runner Up- Sabu, Chef
One of Regis’ top chefs, Sabu began with Regis 8 years ago as a Food Services Attendant. Sabu shows how with commitment, sincerity and pride you can achieve your career goals. On top of his ‘day job’, Sabu helps the National Catering team train new Club Chefs across the country. Sabu is well loved by all his residents whom he visits in the dining room daily to ensure everyone is satisfied.

Outstanding Carer – Dementia Specific Care Award

Kerrie Read Award
Winner- Kerrie, Carer
When Kerrie arrives at work it is like a loved one returning home- she greets everyone with enthusiasm. Faces light up, spirits lift and smiles can be seen all around. She works hard to make connections with every resident and they feel content when she is nearby. Kerrie sees the person as they were, in all their glory, before the dementia started taking pieces away.

Elvin Joseph Award
Runner Up- Elvin, Carer
Elvin is totally dedicated to his work as a carer in Dementia care. He was part of the team who initiated the ‘Dementia Profiles’ project on every resident in the Salisbury DSU unit which has contributed to achieving very strong positive outcomes with residents.  He is described compassionate, caring, courageous, understanding, patient and loving which make him an outstanding carer.

Outstanding Clinical Excellence Award

Shannon Sheiffelbein Award
Winner- Shannon, Clinical Manager
Shannon is described as a positive leader with a strong commitment to her staff as well as innovations and methods to motivate and educate. Shannon’s colleagues and management have described her as passionate, loyal and trustworthy. Her commitment to education sees her team feeling supported professionally and personally. Families feel supported in times of distress by Shannon’s attention to detail and support of her team.

Trudie Kenna Award
Runner Up- Trudie, Clinical Manager
Trudie is a positive leader with a strong commitment to her staff as well as innovations and methods to motivate and educate. Her colleagues and management have described her as passionate, compassionate, understanding and with resident interests at the forefront of her daily focus. Trudie is always willing to help out others or join working groups to better improve systems or processes including Project Lift.

Outstanding Safety Contribution Award

Cheryle Smith Award
Winner- Cheryle, Assistant Manager
Cheryl is a strong supportive leader and team member who is committed to safety/injury prevention and is always aware of the possibility to injury. Everything Cheryle does ensures outcomes are measurable and achievable leading to robust solid systems that stand up to Accreditation. Such a methodical approach to work fits perfectly with WHS and as such Cheryl has worked with other sites to improve their safety.

Jeanette Gilmour Award
Runner Up- Jeanette, Laundry
Jeanette is Victoria’s most proactive Health and Safety representative (HSR). She has introduced themed “Safety Days” each month in which she arranges activities and food to encourage a greater involvement in WHS activities. Macleod remains the only Vic facility holding such regular proactive awareness activities. Since recording WHS statistics in 2012, Macleod has only had 4 serious injuries which is indicative of the success of Jeanette’s dedication to safety.

Outstanding Carer Award

Maria Gogan Award
Winner- Maria, Carer
Our most popular nominee with 17 nominations in this category, Maria is well loved by staff, residents and families at Dandenong North. Consistently demonstrating her reliable, no nonsense “can do” attitude, Maria works exceptionally hard to build and develop therapeutic relationships with her residents with her sole aim to provide the best care. Nothing is ever too hard and it is always done with a smile.

Mandeep Kaur Award
Runner Up- Mandeep, Carer
Described as a “star amongst stars” at Armadale, Mandeep is described as committed to the best care ensuring residents feel loved, secure and have dignity. She achieves this through attention to detail- whether it is a cuddle, a spray of perfume for someone who can’t do it themselves or ensuring someone is looking after their own safety when they forget to put in a hearing aid.

Outstanding Personal Leadership Award

Sally Smith
Winner- Sally, Facility Manager
Described as collaborative, approachable, encouraging, supportive, caring, and calm under pressure, Sally has an incredible ability to understand the needs of all. She has exceptional communication skills which helps her inspire and motivate her staff to achieve goals together. Sally has implemented several new projects within Salisbury (including the 2017 Innovative Award finalist) to improve resident care needs, staff retention, and resident/staff satisfaction.

Tracy Brown Award
Runner Up- Tracy, ACFI Coordinator
Tracy’s leadership and dedication to her role is outstanding. She is described as providing very clear direction and focus for her ACFI team regarding delivery of income and compliance with business rules for sustaining the income. Tracy values the importance of broader team connections and has a collaborative approach to all initiatives and consistently shares information to ensure staff are equipped to deliver on expectations.

Service Excellence – Recognising Regis People Supporting Customers & Families Award

Varinder Pathik Award
Winner- Varinder, Chef
As chef at a Club site, Varinder does exceptionally well to get zero complaints for the dining experience. Variander goes out of his way to determine what each resident likes and how they like their food cooked. He attends meal times in the dining area and helps with the serving in front and back of house so that he can talk to residents, families and staff alike.

David Willems Award
Runner Up- Dave, Business Development Manager
Described in many nominations across several categories as smart, hard working and lots of fun, Dave was in the top ten for 3 separate awards. His service ethos is outstanding- for internal and external customers as well as in leadership. He is renowned for being unfailingly enthusiastic and helpful including taking time out of his busy schedule to spend time at facilities celebrating events with residents and their families.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Shirley Ann Award
Winner- Shirley Ann

Shirley is invaluable at Marleston where she runs art classes twice weekly. Shirley’s sessions are extremely popular with residents which is due to her enthusiasm for showing that everyone can be an artist including those suffering a disability (Shirley will modify the tools so they can continue).  To top it all off, Shirley will take resident artwork home to frame for display at the facility for all to view and enjoy.

Norman Tarrant Award
Runner Up- Norman
Norman has been an integral part of the Port Stephens team for 10 years. His weekly visits are looked forward to by all- residents and staff alike. He is efficient, capable and compassionate especially to our male residents. His weekly men’s club is highly anticipated and his bus driving skills ensure outings are never missed off the calendar. Norman is always happy and willing to do anything to help make someone’s day better.

Initiative or Innovation of the Year Award

Esprit Cafe Award
Winner- Esprit Cafe
An initial trail at Dandenong North now sees the Esprit Café operating at 21 facilities. This initiative provides a low pressure environment for those dealing with loss and grief with the support of a qualified independent councillor over morning tea.

Every two weeks for two hours, participants have a time and place to speak their mind and are free from judgement in an environment where trust is gained and friendships are formed. Residents, volunteers, family members attend with the local communities and staff invited to take advantage of this outstanding program.

Dementia Profile Award
Runner Up- Dementia Profiles, Salisbury
Regis Salisbury made a decision to change their approach to caring for residents with dementia. They wanted staff to look at both behaviours and residents in a different way by getting to know the residents and celebrating their life.

So they created detailed resident profiles and implemented ongoing coaching to support staff in managing behaviours proactively and recognise behaviours are an expression of an emotion. Salisbury’s environment is tailored to suit residents to make it more homely. People are happier and it all started with getting to know residents!

CEO Award

Tanya Brennan Award
Winner- Tanya, Facility Manager
This award was solely chosen by Ross Johnston, CEO and Managing Director and went to a finalist from any of the other award categories. Tanya has shown exceptional skills, leadership and innovation, is of the highest integrity, and has had a positive impact on residents, the facility or the wider community.

Facility of the Year Award

Regis Redlynch Award
Winner- Regis Redlynch
Redlynch was welcomed into the Regis family in 2015 and was described as a “diamond in the rough”. In 2 years the team which is a blend of existing staff and new management set the extraordinary task of raising Redlynch to Regis standards. The Facility Manager and her team had a staunch commitment to creating a facility that residents were proud to call home, the community respected for its care and that, as a business, contributed to Regis’ fiscal success.

Regis East Malvern Award
Runner Up- Regis East Malvern
Formerly owned by the Salvation Army before being purchased by Regis and renamed ‘Regis Weeroona’, this site has had over a decade of planning and finance put towards it. Led by the highly competent and enthusiastic facility manager Justine, teamwork here is paramount with staff, residents and families made to feel valued – contributing to the ‘family’ culture at the site. This was attested to by the many resident feedback forms, testimonials and letters.