Corey Salmon is aged care aficionado with over 20 years experience in the aged care sector. Corey’s journey into health care was inspired by his mum’s love for her career as a Registered Nurse.

Regis’ Corey Salmon is a clinical support manager who is passionate about clinical governance, leadership and practice, believing this brings the highest work satisfaction as well as positive performance planning for those who wish to grow professionally.

Mr. Salmon’s extensive health care career started with a visit to Regis Hurstville at age 7 where his mother worked as a Registered Nurse (RN). Although a little apprehensive on his first visit, Corey found that as he came to know residents better he loved the experience relishing his role as third party participate to their lives.

After high-school Corey started a journey to aged care professional, his first job as an Assistant-in-Nursing at Regis Hurstville (then Wade-Lyn Nursing Home). Further clinical studies and mentoring from Gail Gardner at Regis Hurstville saw Corey transition into an RN role then progress swiftly to Clinical Manager mastering clinical practice and technical skills.

Now a Clinical Support Manager with a new Regis initiative designed to further enhance clinical management among Regis employees Corey believes continued growth is paramount to achieving the highest in quality care services. He says, “Enhancing resident well being and satisfaction through robust clinical governance, leadership framework and a model of care that optimises continuity of service, a knowledgeable and skilled workforce of nurses who want to be part of a sector leading organisation.”

Mr Salmon has been a valued Regis employee for the past 7 years and is part of our ever growing Regis family dedicated to the compassionate care of residents.

Corey says “I believe Regis is a community that values all it’s people, is innovative which is inspiring and aims for that aged care sector leading edge which is motivating.”

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