Home Care Fees

Regis Home Care provides a range of services and packages including Government Funded Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, Additional Home Care Packages and Individual Services.

Regis Home Care Packages

Whilst the Federal Government provides funding for Home Care packages, all clients who apply for a Home Care package are asked to contribute some funds towards their own care.  If you are eligible to receive a Government funded package, you will be asked to pay a Basic Daily Fee which is set at a maximum of $10.17 per day of 17.5% of the full aged pension and is paid by clients regardless of their level of income.

In addition to the Basic Daily Fee, you may also need to pay an Income Tested Fee.  The level of this Fee is determined by the Government based on your deemed income.  In order to determine the Income Tested Fee applicable, you will need to submit a Centrelink Income Tested Assessment, there are annual and lifetime caps applicable to the Income Tested Fee.  Full pensioners are exempt from paying.


Additional Home Care Packages

Regis Home Care offers four Additional Services packages. Each package helps top up your existing program with a wide range of support services. These Additional Services packages are available for both government-funded and privately funded services.

Our Additional Packages offer the following:

  • Extra Support – 4 hours of service per week
  • Silver Support – 8 hours of service per week
  • Gold Support – 15 hours of service per week
  • Platinum Support – Up to 24 hours of support a day 365 days a year

Individual Services

In circumstances where our clients do not wish to select one of our Home Care packages all services offered by Regis Home Care are available on a fee for service basis.

To find out more about our fees and services please contact us today to book a Care Consultation with one of our Client Services Mangers.

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