Regis Bulimba aged care residents, visitors and staff started a fundraising initiative 3 weeks ago for Bowel Cancer Awareness month.

The annual Bowel Cancer Awareness initiative runs from June 1-30 every year with the aim to raise public awareness for a disease that claims the lives of 80 Australians every week.

To show their support Regis aged care residents and staff organised a Bowel Cancer Awareness event on 30th June and some weeks  prior started selling ribbons and badges as well as inviting visitors to support the cause by donating to see Regis staff member Gael shave off her hair.

Enthusiastic residents and staff also started small fundraising initiatives  with residents especially enjoying the game ‘Guess how many apple toffee lollypops are in the jar?’ which was won by delighted resident Flora Walding, who accurately guessed 35.

Aged care facility Bulimba

Our passionate team at Regis Bulimba went above and beyond with their efforts and also began an Everyday Hero fundraising page so community members and staff could donate to the worthy cause.

Residents and staff marked the awareness event on the 30 June with a ‘delicious’ door prize raffle as well as a informative cancer awareness session. On the day many advocates also volunteered to paint their hair green to support the cause.

Regis Bulimba Facility Manager Gustave commented that residents and staff had a terrific time at the event particularly appreciating the fun shave with Gael graciously allowing her very thick curly hair to be cut.

Regis’ aged care facility Bulimba has put in an enormous effort to advocate for Bowel Cancer Awareness month and we’d like thank them and community members who donated to this worthy cause.

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