Regis’ intergenerational programs focus on building meaningful and fun friendships with the youth and the elderly from our aged care homes. Our residents embrace the chance to learn and share with the younger generation.

Regis East Malvern aged care home has collaborated with a lively bunch of children from a local area kindergarten The Learning Sanctuary to foster relationships based on friendship and grow community bonds. The activity brought the kinder kids together with Regis East Malvern residents with the children sharing colourful art work from a recent art class activity.

Lifestyle Coordinator Clarisa says they (residents) like that they feel part of the community and have children to play and laugh with.Malvern Kinder Visit

Anecdotally the children enjoyed the chance to present to a captivated and enthusiastic audience! This intergenerational activity takes place on a fortnightly basis and our care home residents are looking forward to seeing the children again soon.

“The focus of the activity is on connection with the younger generation. This enables them to be a grandparent for a few hours which in turn makes them feel happy and brings back pleasant memories.” – Clarisa, Lifestyle Coordinator