“My introduction to color and art therapy has helped me relax. I had no idea that color could open my eyes to so much joy and pleasure as my passion has been in science and literature,” says Elsie, a 100 year old aged care resident at Regis Shenley Manor.

Elsie started Art Therapy classes at Regis Shenley Manor 5 years ago when an art therapy student gave Elsie, then aged 95, a colouring book on the Maya and Inca civilization. Upon viewing the book Elsie embarked on a journey of historical discovery engrossed with the past of the people, architecture and cultures of Central America.

“I started colouring the women as they looked less terrifying compared to the men,” she said and wonders how she knew nothing about this world until now. Elsie recalls, “I could not put the books down until late at night, I have been so engrossed in my journey of color and culture.”

Our formal Victorian Art Therapy program was launched over 3 years ago now with classes designed to cultivate creative expression. Our Roving Art Therapist teaches classes at 10 facilities per a week. Classes utilise a variety of mediums including stencil, collage and painting whilst providing a relaxing social environment for attendees.

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