Residents’ at Regis Sandgate-Lucinda bonded with the local Redcliffe Kindergarten in an aged care lifestyle program which brought together seniors, children and some affectionate farmyard animals.

Our aged care facility Regis Sandgate Lucinda played host to the energetic Beehive Kindergarten children and a lovable group of animals from the local petting zoo.

Whilst the notion of mixing young vivacious children with small animals is usually a recipe for disaster, the day proved otherwise. Young and old enjoyed each others company immensely, interacting and forming new friendships as well as petting a few cuddly farmyard animals.

Some of our Regis Sandgate residents previously lived in more rural parts of Queensland so the chance to see and interact with animals brought back fond memories of their farmyard friends from years past.

Residents at Sandgate loved seeing the children and animals interact with many commenting that the bond between the local community infused more life into their day.

Regis Sandgate Lucinda is a contemporary aged care facility located in Queensland, with beautiful views and forms part of the Regis Sandgate aged care complex.

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