The Project Flourish Clinical Training Program is a specialised training program specifically designed for Regis staff. The goal is to provide our clinical staff with extra knowledge and skills so they can in turn support our residents with outstanding care.

Project Flourish training is for Registered Nurses. It offers hands on training and skill development plans for staff striving to excel in every aspect of their role and continually improve their skills.

A recent Project Flourish graduate gives a little insight into how this training has enhanced her work and clinical knowledge.

Peta Sanderson has had varying roles in the 5 years she’s been at Regis working as a PCA, Lifestyle Coordinator and now a Registered Nurse and ACFI Coordinator. Peta embraces the chance to learn new skills and welcomes the guidance from Project Flourish coaches.

Peta said, “Undertaking this training helped identify the importance of monitoring and guidance in clinical care. Ensuring issues are prevented before they occur and people understand the rationale behind the care we provide. Also understanding how to better prioritise tasks and manage time, which in turn contributes to better care for Regis residents.”

Peta believes the learning and support provided to clinical staff is essential to the high quality care offered at facility level with the Flourish Program focus on developing best practice, strong time management and quality support.

Peta says, “I believe training has been extremely relevant to the jobs I carry out each day. The learning has made me a better nurse and team leader. I can see a very positive future for myself with Regis as an employer.”

The intake dates for Project Flourish program is every 3 months annually with training, assessment and development plans taking place over a 4-6 month period.  Our training and development managers work with facility and clinical managers to nominate staff who demonstrate the highest quality work ethic and show initiative. To qualify for the program Registered Nurses have to be a Regis employee for 4 months.

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