Armadale Discovers the Art of Paper Folding

Regis Armadale started an Origami project with Armadale Primary School early this year. The popular initiative is part of ‘Bridging the Gap’ program facilitating closer relationship with the local Stonnington community and Regis aged care centre.
Regis Armadale invited students from Armadale Primary school, to practice Origami with the residents. Delighted residents love to socialise with the students, who share their skills and knowledge.

Origami Classes at Regis Armdale

Noted benefits of the century’s old art of paper folding practice are increased concentration, confidence, creativity, better motor-coordination and hand-eye coordination.

One of Regis Armadale residents made a thank you speech after a student spontaneously started playing the piano during a recent class. The resident commented, “I am so happy to see the students-they have made our day. I love seeing their jubilant faces and hearing their voices.”

Armadale residents are embracing the new found love of Origami as well as savouring the new friendships, sense of community, awareness and enjoyment.

Did you know?

Origami originally a Japanese word from: Ori meaning ‘to fold’ and Gami (kami) for ‘paper’ is the art of paper folding. It’s said to have started more than 1000 years ago with the introduction of paper making from China to Japan and gradually developed to a popular recreation in Japan.

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