Residents at our aged care facility, Regis Gatton were delighted to welcome one of Amazon’s bestselling authors last week. C.T. Mitchell is an acclaimed author of mystery, thriller and suspense novels. Noted for his broad appeal with detective and crime fiction readers, his popular series featuring detective Jack Creed have been read by over a hundred thousand booklovers on Amazon.

Regis Gatton has a strong reading and library group and invited Mitchell for a visit to share his stories. The dynamic author didn’t disappoint, delighting residents by sharing how he imagines plots, develops characters, and produces books for digital readers. The residents were fascinated, listening attentively and asked many question about the writing process as well as the use of computers to cater to an extensive digital audience online.

The highlight of Mitchell’s visit came when he held a surprise pop quiz to see who had paid the most attention during the literary event. The prize was a signed copy of some of his most beloved literary works. Residents’ who won the coveted prize were thrilled to receive autographed copies of his books.

A big thank you to C.T. Mitchell for contributing to this special event organised by our Lifestyle staff. Regis wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.

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