A story was released in the media with graphic images about one of our residents from Regis Birkdale who passed away mid last year.

Our thoughts and sincere condolences are with the family for the loss of their loved one.

The resident’s death was the subject of a coronial investigation. Regis participated in the Coroner’s review of the resident’s clinical management. The Coroner found that Regis staff provided care to the resident which was consistent with the General Practitioner’s (GP) advice and their wound care management plan. The Coroner noted that the resident entered the Regis home with the leg wound.

Our staff held concerns about the resident’s wound care and raised those concerns with the GP on multiple occasions. Our staff also requested that the GP provide a referral to an external wound care specialist provider. Regis staff subsequently made a direct referral to CarePact, the external, wound care specialist, who attended the home promptly.

While our staff followed the GP’s directions, we acknowledge that there were missed opportunities for direct escalation to specialist wound management services. After an in depth review of this case, we revised our clinical processes and made several improvements, with a focus on wound care training for our staff and direct escalation requirements to independent health practitioners and wound care specialists as required.

Regis has an ongoing commitment to open disclosure and continuous quality improvement and will transparently and openly share the improvement processes and outcomes with the Commission and the resident’s family.