A couple married for 58 years, Vonda and Leon recently renewed their vows in a ceremony held at Regis Tasmania- Eastern Shore aged care home. They were joined by a small group of their closest family and friends and were delighted to welcome one of the original Bridesmaids to the ceremony.

This is their story.

Vonda was born and grew up in the Tasmanian town of Waratah, and Leon came into the world in New Norfolk; his formative years spent in Ellendale.

A chance meeting at a bus stop in the late 1950s saw Vonda and Leon meet for the first time.

That morning Vanda walked to the bus stop and Leon was there to be picked up; it was fate.

Vonda and Leon

They were married 17th October 1959, at Saint James Church in Newtown, with Leon having to attend the Brighton Army Camp the very next day to complete his then compulsory three months of National Service.  No matter, apparently Leon was able to “sneak out” that weekend to visit his new bride!

Vonda was a machinist in her professional life at a clothing factory called “Buttons” and then a knitwear factory called “Pastels”.

Leon was a carpenter and builder and was well known in the community for helping people as a handy man before retiring in 1990.

They have three beloved children David, Julie and Jeffrey as well as two grandchildren.