Regis is celebrating International Day for Older Persons 2017 by sharing stories from some of our remarkable residents!  Here’s a little insight into the lives of John & Lesley Bryden- residents at Regis East Malvern in Melbourne.

John and Lesley Bryden have resided at Regis East Malvern since it opened in August 2017. Still active in the community, John volunteers as a tour guide at the MCG museum while Lesley helps a number of local charities.

This energetic couple married in their early 20s and are delighted to be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary this month. Originally from New South Wales the Bryden’s moved to the UK after John graduated university.

While John pursued his passion as a veterinarian specialising in equine care, Lesley, interested in business, excelled in a variety of administration roles.

Spending a number of years abroad in Scotland and England Lesley and John cultivated a love of travel, tours and culture.
The couple returned to Sydney in 1961, with John starting as a veterinarian at a well-known stud farm.

It was during this time that John and Lesley met Ronald Regan at one of the informal Aussie barbeques hosted at the farm. Lesley says that the soon-to-be President of the United States Ronald Regan and wife Nancy were normal and natural individuals.

Mr Regan left a lasting impression after Regan’s bodyguard, Rufus Youngblood, accurately stated that he’d soon be President of the United States.

John Bryden Regis Malvern

John’s extensive career in equine care brought the couple to Melbourne, as John accepted an offer to work in the racing industry.

John’s proud to have supervised the care of 16 Melbourne Cup winners, working with trainers such as Bart Cummings, Gay Waterhouse as well as Sheila Laxon the first women to train a Melbourne Cup winner ‘Ethereal’.

It’s during this time that Lesley found raising 3 children wasn’t enough of a challenge so she started a tour guide business in 1984 called “Melbourne Ambassadors”; she only retired two years ago.

A lovely endearing couple, with an obvious zeal for life and all it brings!

The Bryden’s are just some of the many remarkable residents to live at Regis care homes in Melbourne.

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