The first impression one gets from meeting Dr Kandasamy Arunachalam (Aru) is one of deep inner strength and peaceful inner balance. Watching him doing his Tai Chi exercise or working on his computer, one can only begin to imagine the depth of the work this 97 year old man has accomplished in his life.

Born in Sri Lanka in 1920, Aru was General Medical Practitioner. Married in 1950 to Astraid, they had 5 children before migrating to Australia in 1983. The following year, Aru joined the Theosophical Society of which he is Past President. For over two decades, Aru conducted study groups relating to Theosophy and Religions focusing on Yoga and the journey of all mankind to reach inner peace and tranquillity.

Aru teaches that the personal journey of every person is to start with a specific conviction, backed up by a strong commitment which should partner with courage.  Only by deeply understanding these three concepts, will all people truly find happiness and inner peace.

Aru has published 4 books on meditation and yoga and is currently working on Raga Yoga which should be published in December 2017.

Aru has been living at Regis Sandgate – Musgrave since 2015 and continues his commitment to promote that we all have the opportunity to find happiness and inner peace.