A resident at Regis Hollywood Village, Mrs. Phyllis Blackmore is a gentle soul living at this retirement living community in Perth, WA since 1991.
This lovely lady who sparkles with youthful zeal celebrated a milestone 102nd birthday this month to the delight of staff and other residents.

Regis Hollywood Miky Jane Peter and Phyllis

A secretary in her professional life Phyllis has had two children, sports a terrific sense of humour and sharp wit. Retiring to Hollywood some years ago this lifestyle change didn’t stop her from volunteering at the local Hollywood Primary School were Phyllis participated in the volunteer reading program.

The School Volunteer Program uses the support of 1,000 community volunteers in 229 schools throughout the Perth metropolitan area, the South-West, Wheatbelt and Geraldton. As a testament to her character and commitment to the wider-community she only retired from volunteering 2 ½ years ago at age 99.

A few interesting facts about Phyllis Blackmore – in 1929, at the age of 13, Phyllis won a scholarship in Queensland and during World War II she helped with the shipment of stores to the United States and Australian military in the South West Pacific.

This youthful centenarian only started using a walking stick at 100 and it’s only this year she started using a four wheel walker. Phyllis says this is because “things are wearing out I’m getting wobbly”.

A known fitness fanatic she was caught out by staff recently for doing squats with her great grand child in the lounge room.
This fantastic individual is also a proud winner of the Intergenerational Award – WA Senior Award 2013 for achievements working with Hollywood Primary School.

The Manager at Hollywood Retirement Village Miky says, “She is such a lovely individual with a gentle character.”

Happy 102nd birthday Phyllis!

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