Dementia Australia is the leading provider of dementia education with innovative workshops, tools and transformative interactive technologies and apps such as Enabling EDIE Workshop, PARO Seal and Virtual Dementia Experience.

These interactive technologies are key to creating unique learning experiences for carers and Dementia Australia was honoured at the Information Technology in Aged Care Awards (ITAC) with the Best Aged Care Software Development and Deployment Award 2017.

Regis’ lifestyle staff recently participated in Enabling EDIE Workshop training with our talented lifestyle staff from Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland aged care facilities participating in this unique and insightful dementia experience via VR technology.

Regis’ National Lifestyle Manager Tim Phillips commented that many attending expressed the positive impact the workshop had on their approach and understanding of those receiving dementia care.

Regis Staff Use VR Technology

(Image: Lifestyle staff in Victoria at Enabling EDIE VR Workshop earlier this year.)

Another innovative technology that is positively benefiting dementia care in Regis aged care facilities is PARO Seal therapy. The PARO Seal is used in our dementia specific care and Regis has 48 seals nationally.

The aim of PARO is to improve well being and clinical outcome for residents and is commonly used with residents who are resistive to standard intervention practices.

(Image: A resident at Regis Cranbourne affectionately embraces PARO.)

Read more about PARO creator Mr Shibata recent visit to Regis care homes in Melbourne .