Direction from the Tasmanian Department of Health

Dear family members,

Please read this letter carefully as it contains important information about a direction the Tasmanian Department of Health has issued in relation to aged care.

The Tasmanian Director of Public Health has issued directions imposing an obligation on aged care providers to restrict residents from leaving residential aged care homes. The directions specify that residents should only be allowed to leave for essential medical or health care appointments, or medical treatments.

This means your loved one is no longer able to leave the home for social reasons such as shopping, exercise, or to go out with family or friends.

We recognise that this might be difficult for some residents and families. To help your loved one manage while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place, Regis is increasing telehealth consultations so that your loved one can speak with their doctor or other health practitioner over a video or telephone call. However, if the only way r loved one can access essential medical or health care is by leaving the Regis home, r loved one must show evidence of the appointment to a Clinical Manager before being approved to leave the home.

Further, if your loved one does have to leave the home to access health care, upon return your loved one will be asked a few questions that will help us understand the risk of exposure whilst out. It is unlikely, but depending on location and duration, your loved one might need stay in their room for 14 days under close observation. This is for your loved one’s safety and the safety of other residents and the Regis staff.

We have provided each Regis home with additional technology so that you can stay in touch with your loved one.

Our team will also help your loved one to find different exercise routines and activities to compensate for no longer being able to exercise outside Regis’ grounds.

At Regis, we are determined to provide the safest possible environment and we will continue to ensure that you and your loved one are supported throughout this period.

As always, please talk to your Facility Manager if you have any concerns or needs.

Please, stay safe.

Linda Mellors

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer