At Regis we know how important nutritious and wholesome food is to the dining experience as well as catering to residents dietary needs.  As such, Regis has a dedicated National Catering Team to research, plan and organise our food and menus for all aged care facilities.

Each year our facilities are provided with newly designed menus with two menus produced for summer and winter. The recipes chosen accommodate individuals who are gluten intolerant, lactose free, vegetarian or vegan.

Variety is important to each individual and the selection process sees only the best recipes are selected with special consideration for the use of wholesome and delicious seasonal produce.

For the summer menu the focus is delectable lighter dishes usually with fruits and there’s also the ol’ Aussie BBQ; a favourite meal time options.

While the winter menu boasts wholesome recipes with heartier meal choices with treats such as apple crumble always a favourite in facilities at this time of year.
Each Regis facility also has weekly options such as a cultural meal night. There’s a takeaway dinner one night a week and residents can also submit there own recipes if they’d like. As always all menus are designed with feedback from our national annual survey to ensure our food services are continuously improved.

National Catering Coordinator comments that “recent improvements to our seasonal menu have been met with positive feedback from all states. Many commenting that the recipes chosen are the best so far.”

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