Staff and residents at Regis Cranbourne recently celebrated 31 Days of Culture. The initiative by Cranbourne lifestyle team saw staff and residents dress in traditional costumes, indulge in eclectic culinary treats and celebrate the diversity in our care home.

Cranbourne’s talented Chef cooked up treats with delicious food served to residents and staff alike. The yummy dishes were available every day and it’s safe to say it was a foodies paradise!

Delighted to talk about their culture, sample culinary dishes and enjoy the variety of entertainers that came to perform at the care home staff and residents are now talking about when to run the this initiative again!

Some of the treats available on the 31 Days of Culture menu included croissants, cannoli, hot dogs, Dutch pancakes, gourmet pizzas, dumplings, pavlova, meze platter, Indian curry and samosa, traditional Filipino fried noodles and much more.

Cultural Lifestyle Initiative Cranbourne

Cranbourne 31 Day of Culture Musician Perform

Resident at Cranbourne plays drums

Regis Cranbourne thanks residents, family and their marvellous staff that helped organise, indulge and be entertained in the 31 Days of Culture!