International Nurses Day on the 12th of May marks a day of jubilation globally. We join in celebration this year with events across Regis aged care facilities to commemorate the kindness, skill and dedication shown by all nurses.

Registered Nurse (RN) Elaine Fallen is an exemplary health care professional who’s worked at Regis Burnside Lodge in SA since 2010. Elaine’s time at Regis showcases years of commitment and skill.

A kind individual who cares for residents with compassion, Elaine recently shared a few words about her chosen profession and what gets her up in the morning.

Elaine says, “A nurse has to have both mind and heart: a mind that requires/ retains knowledge and skills; a heart that is capable of loving and caring. That’s the best part towards the end of the day – that no matter how challenging the duty can be, you know that somehow you made a difference in the lives of the others.”

Elaine admits nursing wasn’t her first choice- she originally wanted to pursue a career in teaching; however the decision to move towards a health care career was a good one.

She says “I can say that providing care is an instinctive feeling, like the way we care for our family. It is a beautiful career – touching lives and making difference.”

Elaine Fallen was nominated during Regis National Staff Awards 2016 for outstanding service and commitment recognised by fellow employees and managers alike.

She’s gone above and beyond to support colleagues and residents, at times also helping to train new nurses.

Burnside’s Clinical Manager says “Elaine’s commitment to supporting her colleagues is what makes her stand out from the others. No matter what the task she’s always willing to help anywhere she can…when training our new staff she provides guidance, encouragement and support. She’s always very helpful and friendly.”

Elaine is one of Regis’ many dedicated registered nurses. We’re pleased to be working with such committed and caring individuals to support residents’ and want to wish all RN’s a happy International Nurses Day!

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