The lino printing class at Regis Kingswood is taught by an enthusiastic artist and volunteer Marika. The weekly class uses a particular technique to create art and gives resident’s the opportunity to be creative and feel a sense of accomplishment in their day.

What is lino printing? Lino printing is a technique often used for book printing and illustrations. This involves a cut out of a design on lino, the lino is then covered in ink to make an artistic impression on the page.

This celebrated art class has found a number of dedicated fans at Regis Kingswood with one resident commenting, “It is very motivational because you do something creative at the beginning of the day and it makes you feel like you have really achieved something.”

A lino print created by resident at Regis Kingswood

The Kingswood aged care facility provides a number of art classes as part of its extensive lifestyle program. There’s always something fresh being created using a variety of mediums with the key focus on the creative process and ownerships of course, is also an important part of this aged care lifestyle program.

A class attendee recently said, “It’s marvellous – I’m not good at art but the things we make and how they turn out makes us feel really good about ourselves and what we can do.”

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