Music Memories is a Therapy program launched by Regis Aged Care earlier this year. It focuses on improving a resident’s mood and behaviour with individualised music programs designed to evoke positive memories and behaviour while providing an enjoyable activity for residents in dementia specific care.

With consideration for an individual’s musical tastes, Music Memories improves engagement and socialisation while offering an enjoyable and meaningful activity for those who can find it difficult to engage and remain calm.

This is seen in Regis dementia care residents Tony and Carmella. Staff noticed a remarkable change in Tony’s demeanour whenever a personalised compilation of Stevie Nicks is played. He smiles, focusing on the lyrics of the song and sings along. Carmella differs in musical tastes, but the result of an Andre Reiu playlist affects her mood and behaviour with similar gratification. The music induces positive emotions and she’ll engage, smiling and swaying from side to side with the rhythm.

Music therapy has been increasingly used in dementia specific care to help patients recall memories and emotions from their past with notable benefits including improved mood, less anxiety, decreased dependence on medications and stimulates positive interactions.

Regis supports residents by providing a variety of innovative therapies such as Music Memories as well as an extensive lifestyle program.