A New World of Possibilities at Regis

Regis Armadale trials a Virtual Reality experience which enhances the well-being, mood and engagement levels of residents living with dementia and those who are cognitively well.

This exciting innovation has been part of the leisure and lifestyle program offered at the facility for some time. Using a smart phone, goggles and blue tooth headphones, this Virtual Reality technology brings a 360 degree immersive experience to users. This simulates realistic experiences that previously may have been outside a resident’s reach, such as travel, adventure, aquatics, even classical concerts and theatrical performances.

“Virtual Reality is the way of the future, an exciting way to enjoy new experiences or relive old ones. We believe that this program will increase the well-being of all residents who take part,” said Chris Grady, Lifestyle Coordinator.

Staff at Regis Armadale assist residents to choose real world experiences they may enjoy from the comfort of their home. Asides the Virtual Reality technology, the facility also engages residents with an Interactive Wall and PARO robot  as a part of the Memory Support Unit.


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