People of Regis – Damilola Ayeni

People of Regis – Damilola Ayeni

Damilola Ayeni, Marketing Project Coordinator at Regis Head Office:

Dami started at Regis as a Personal Care Assistant at Regis Armadale, before moving across to the Marketing team as the Project Coordinator. Alongside working at Regis, Dami is undertaking her PhD in Communication and Media Studies. Prior to working at Regis, she has had diverse roles as an Online News Editor, Radio Talk Show Host and Social Media officer, both overseas in Nigeria and in Australia.

When did you join Regis?

I joined Regis back in 2015 when I first applied for a position to work as a Personal Care Assistant at Regis Armadale. My goal was clear though, I wanted to combine my love for social media with what I was learning each day about quality aged care – this led me to branch out and secure the position as Marketing Project Coordinator.

Why did you join?

Back in Nigeria, I grew up with extended family, where we looked after our grandparents and elderly relatives. So caring for elders came naturally to me. When I was looking for casual work to support my Uni studies, I came across this position, and it felt like the right job that was practical, yet rewarding.

What do you like about your role/ your team?

Regis has offered me the support, guidance and flexibility that I need to progress in my career. Regis Armadale supported my ambitions and it’s great that the Marketing Manager tells me to “Create what you want out of this role”. I really feel that I have done just that.

What do you like about working with the elderly?

It is fun and extremely rewarding. Sometimes I get to hear interesting stories about their experiences in life. It gives me some perspective to life, knowing that I can provide care and support to them in their time of need.