Students give back to the community while Redlynch Dementia Specific Unit embarks on a lifestyle program with a difference.

Regis has a new initiative, enhancing aged care living in the Dementia Specific Unit at Regis Redlynch. Redlynch offers a variety of aged care lifestyle programs for residents and they recently embarking on a journey to develop a space for elder residents with special care needs.

Since February the Kingfisher wing at Redlynch houses a kitchen and laundry specifically for residents in dementia care.The goal was to create a space to make residents feel even more at home while promoting interaction and engagement.

Regis staff discovered some residents responded positively to completing domestic tasks with benefits such as increased engagement and socialising as well as an overall calmer demeanour.

This new area provides an opportunity for residents to participate in activities which they find stimulating and also features an interactive projector and a new sensory board. Residents at the aged care home in Redlynch can often be found venturing into the wing to enjoy a game of darts, domestic chores or just a few laughs.

Aged care living at Redlynch is also enhanced by our pet therapy program with Delta Dogs as well as pottery classes at St Andrews College.

The students at St Andrews find meaning in giving back to the community with residents spending Friday afternoons in the St Andrews Art Department creating various clay pots and vases with students and teachers. St Andrews students also attend lifestyle activities at Regis Redlynch each week much to the delight of residents.

Here’s a few of our favourite photos from Regis Redlynch.

Claire with Delta dogs

Claire with Delta dog.

Gabi and Sandy Pottery Class

Gabi and Sandy at a recent pottery class Regis Redlynch.


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