Regis Family Update: COVID-19 prevention and support

Regis’ highest priority is the safety and wellbeing of our residents and employees. I have held several productive conversations with Government and particularly the Minister for Aged Care, the Hon Richard Colbeck, in recent weeks to represent the efforts that aged care providers have undertaken to protect our residents, clients and employees.

I welcome the Government’s recent announcement of additional funding to support aged care providers in their response to COVID-19. I also welcome the voluntary Code of Conduct that has been proposed for visiting older people in aged care homes.

I encourage you to read the endorsed draft of the ‘Visitor Access Code (PDF)’ and provide feedback to the Council on the Ageing (COTA) before 7 May. It is important that COTA hears the views of residents, families, friends and carers so the final Code of Conduct considers the needs and preferences of our residents and families. Please provide feedback at:

You can also read my full statement regarding Friday’s announcement on the website:

Our family survey recently closed. We appreciate all the feedback we received 2479 responses. 90% of respondents support the stringent access controls that Regis put in place. This is in line with our recent resident survey, which found over 90% of residents who responded supported our measures.

I thank you for your feedback. We take all of your comments, suggestions and concerns into consideration when reviewing our decisions. This remains a very challenging environment and we continue to work to balance access for those who need it with those who do not want any visitation allowed. The advice remains to avoid visiting aged care if you can unless there are care needs you need to meet.

As time goes on, we will be able to move to more in home visits. At this point, we ask that you continue to make use of the various connection options in between visits such as window visits, garden visits, letters, telephone calls and video calls.

Flu Vaccination

A reminder that visitors must have an up to date flu vaccination. You can find out more about the Government mandated Public Health order via the link below:

FAQs – Restrictions on entry into and visitors to aged care facilities (PDF)

Please contact your home if you believe you qualify for the very strict medical exemptions.

Facebook groups for each home

Our homes are finding creative ways to support our residents’ wellbeing both physically and emotionally during this time. We have listened to your feedback and have created a Facebook group for each home to keep you informed. I encourage you to join to find out the most up to date information and see what your loved ones are up to. Contact your Lifestyle Coordinator for more information.


I encourage you to download the COVIDsafe app if you have yet to do so. So far nearly 5 million Australians have downloaded the app. Downloading the app will support our Public Health officials to track close contacts and potential cases to limit community transmission. This is a vital tool for keeping ourselves, and our loved ones, as safe as possible.

You can download the app here:

As always, please talk to your Facility Manager if you have any concerns or needs. Please, stay safe.

Linda Mellors
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

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