Statement by Ross Johnston, CEO and Managing Director, Regis Healthcare – Regis Tiwi, Darwin

Following a review by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency this month of our Regis Tiwi home in Darwin, the Department of Health has imposed sanctions on the facility.

Aged care providers are required to meet 44 outcomes under Accreditation Standards. We have not done so in this case and the sanctions at the Tiwi facility relate to two specific outcomes: skin care and human resources management.

I regret that, in some cases, residents did not receive the standard of care and support to which they are entitled. I can assure our residents, their families and the community that Regis is committed to resolving the issues identified by the Agency as quickly as possible.

Regis had already commenced action prior to the Agency review to address issues identified by our internal processes as not meeting our standards. A comprehensive improvement plan is already well underway.

We will be meeting with residents and families to explain the findings of the review and the sanctions process, and to ensure that they understand how seriously we take this matter and how we are responding to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all residents.

Regis has a proud 25-year history of providing the highest quality of care to over 5,000 residents at our 54 aged care facilities across Australia. All of our homes are fully accredited; this is the first sanction in Regis’ history.

Our utmost concern continues to be for the wellbeing of our residents and their families. Our management team is working hard to support the Darwin team to ensure that we remedy the issues and continue to provide the quality care that residents, families and the community have a right to expect.

All media enquiries contact:
Kirsty Nottle, General Manager, Corporate Services, 03 8573 0444