Regis Lakeside has a new valued member of the family, PARO. This robotic seal or ‘carebot’ as they are commonly referred to was first introduced on a trial basis in 2015. It has proven to be a popular companion for residents who are part of our Dementia Care program and since become an invaluable member of the Regis family with 48 seals currently in use across facilities nationally.

None have enjoyed the company of this lovable robotic companion more then Derek Brown who has developed a strong bond with the seal. Derek, who suffers from dementia, has embraced this furry friend as part of his daily routine, and family and friends have remarked on the positive effect they are seeing as a result of PARO being introduced.

“Derek has responded positively to the introduction of PARO especially during care routines. What was a stressful task or time for Derek is now a time of joy thanks to PARO. Derek’s eyes light up and he smiles as he interacts with and mimics PARO’s every move” – Lifestyle Staff, Regis Lakeside.

Regis is the largest purchaser of this invention worldwide and is committed to using the PARO Therapy program to improve the wellbeing of all our residents.