Continued from post Awarding Excellence & Compassion Regis National Staff Awards 2016

Outstanding Carer Award

Winner – Angela, Carer
Good carers can be found everywhere however Angela truly amazes visitors, staff and families. She knows her residents backwards, down to their specific preferences, routines and addresses their every concern. Angela has a friendly nature, and even during more challenging shifts the residents will always have a laugh and joke with her.


Merit – Myra, Carer
Myra consistently demonstrates her reliable, no nonsense “can do” attitude. She works exceptionally hard to build and develop therapeutic relationships with her residents. Residents were quoted saying Myra is always helpful, caring, and friendly and never walks away from someone in need.myra-outstanding-carer-regis-awards

Service Excellence – Recognising Regis People Supporting Customers & Families Award

Winner – Jessica, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse
Jess won for her consistency in displaying service excellence in her roles throughout Regis. She is renowned for being unfailingly enthusiastic, helpful and thinking outside the box. Jess’ compassion is sincere and infectious.

Jessica- Regis Awards 2016

Merit – Caroline, Lifestyle Assistant
Caroline is a woman with enough passion to fill the ocean. She is an enthusiastic individual whose motivation and actions are driven by the need to fill the hearts of our residents with joy and laughter, in a way which involves residents in all aspects of living.

Service Excellence Caroline Regis Awards

Volunteer of the Year Award

Winner – Diana
Diana is an invaluable team member who assists with activities every weekday. Diana is a natural when it comes to interacting with residents. She has an enormous amount of patience and really understands the meaning of occupation and engagement. She appreciates that Lifestyle isn’t about entertaining nor is it necessarily about making residents do things for themselves. It’s about discovering what’s important to the resident and enabling that to happen.


Merit – June
June has been an imperative part of the lifestyle team for more than 3 years. She is efficient, capable and her daily help has a huge impact on the smooth running of activities. June is always happy, never complains and her wicked sense of humor is always at the ready. Everyone should aspire to be as active, clever and as useful as June in their 88th year!


Initiative or Innovation of the Year Award

Winner – Farmers Market
A lifestyle community initiative, in 2015 farm produce producers were sought to sell a variety of fresh goods at the facility. Now a weekly event, residents, staff and families alike love going to the market. The event has been embraced by all including residents who choose not to participate in any activities and will not leave their rooms. The importance of this program includes bringing the community together, promoting resident independence (through choice and decision making), and reviving past experiences.

Regis Awards-Innovation of the Year

Merit – Adopt a Grandparent
The ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ program sees Primary students ‘adopt’ a resident whom they visit fortnightly for afternoon tea, write letters to monthly and invite as VIPs to events such as ‘Grandparent’s Day’. The students enjoy sharing stories with the residents and vice versa. For the students, it provides a real life context, purpose and audience for their writing lessons. For residents, it builds a bridge to the community and enables them to share their lifelong stories and knowledge.

CEO Award – Lyn, Facility Manager

This award was solely chosen by Ross Johnston, CEO and Managing Director and went to a finalist from any of the other award categories. Lyn has shown exceptional skills, leadership and innovation, is of the highest integrity, and has had a positive impact on residents, the facility or the wider community.


Facility of the Year Award

Winner – Regis Marchoochydore
Regis Maroochydore was runner up in 2015 and again impressed the panel with their ability to meet and exceed the criteria despite challenges. Maroochydore’s extensive and detailed nomination mentioned a plethora of initiatives – from lifestyle to care to staff- that show they are ‘thinking outside the box’ to ensure the facility is a great place to live and work.

Regis Awards Facility of the Year

Merit – Regis Bulimba
Regis Bulimba, our 2014 Facility of the Year winner swept the pool in many 2014 categories. A champion for staff development, Bulimba prides itself on ‘promoting within’ and has seen many key staff move onto bigger challenges within Regis.

Bulimba-Regis Awards