Students from Orchard Grove Primary School have given their green fingers a workout to help residents of Regis’ aged care facility Alawarra Lodge.

Having visited Regis Alawarra Lodge in Blackburn South to learn more about the residents, the students were told a dementia garden was in the process of being developed which needed lots of sensory elements, like bright colours and textures.

Orchard Grove’s Primary School visual arts teacher Rosie Campbell explained that students were thrilled at the opportunity to help and immediately started creating colourful tile mosaics, paining fence posts, making bird feeders as well as planting flowers such as geraniums and lavender in the dementia garden.

Primary School Visit Inala Village

Regis’ Alawarra residents from the Regis Inala Village complex are impressed with the vibrant addition to the garden having joyously welcomed students into the facility over the last 3 months.

Residents and students have formed friendships over morning tea at the aged care facility sharing details of their life and talking about the progress made.

This isn’t the first time the primary school has visited Regis Inala Village. Over the last 7 years the school has visited both Regis Alawarra Lodge and Regis Inala Lodge to create portraits and biographies of our residents.

These portraits are then showcased at a pop-up gallery at Regis Inala Village to encourage community support and engagement across generations.

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