Regis believes in welcoming the local community into our facilities with a variety of programs including the much loved inter-generational programs organised at a number of Regis aged care facilities across the country.

We believe it’s important to welcome different generations into our aged care homes and earlier this year Regis Redlynch teamed up with St. Andrews Catholic College to not only work on a special culture art project but also strengthen community ties by working together and forming friendships with students.

The project started with residents visiting St Andrew’s College for a pottery art class and both residents and students worked together over a course of two terms to produce a series of ceramic totems – with each sphere symbolising the multicultural heritage of residents.

On the 18 October Regis Redlynch and St Andrews Catholic College joined together in a joyous celebration to official open the ‘Cultural Diversity Totem Poles’ at Regis Redlynch care home.

Visual Arts Teacher from St. Andrews Catholic College comments, “It has been a real pleasure to work with Regis and to see the joy on the residents faces as they created an artwork with meaning. We strongly value our partnership with Regis and hope to generate more community art projects in the future.”

Several students involved in the joint collaboration commented on the friendship and strength they gained from the strong community partnership. One student said, “It was an honour to work with the beautiful Regis residents. It was fun to explore and create sculptures that symbolise different cultures from around the world and to help the residents explore their creativity.”

Redlynch Totem Poles

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