Statement from Regis Healthcare regarding Sandgate facility


3 April 2018

Statement from Regis Healthcare regarding Sandgate facility

Regis is acknowledged as a leader in the aged care sector. Our team of trained professionals is completely focused on promoting and enhancing the quality of life of the residents entrusted into our care.

At all times, the decisions our trained professionals make are based solely on providing optimal care to our residents. This extends to a decision that may be required to transfer a resident to hospital.

Regis’ Sandgate aged care facility is a large combined facility with 444 available beds.  The significant majority of residents at the Sandgate facilities have high care needs.

Regis employs a team of highly trained registered and enrolled nurses who provide clinical care to residents.  Our nursing team is located permanently on site, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.   Regis also maintains a GP suite on-site for 8 visiting GPs to provide further medical attention.

In addition, Regis also utilises the services of the Residential Care Liaison Service (RCLS) which provides advice on complex medical issues and behaviours, and also advice about potential requirement for hospital treatment.  This service is also important as part of the ongoing management of clinical events and issues to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

As can be reasonably expected from a facility where a significant majority of residents have high care needs, there will be occasions where there is a requirement for transfer to a hospital for further medical or emergency treatment.  This can happen where the care needs are particularly complex and beyond what would normally be treated within an aged care facility and where it is in the best interests of the resident.  In all instances, this will be at the direction of the resident’s medical practitioner in consultation with our clinical nurses and the family of the resident.

In line with this procedure, 7 residents from Regis’ Sandgate facility have been transferred to hospital for further medical intervention for a complex care need in 2018.


For further information please contact:

Kirsty Nottle

General Manager, Investor Relations

+ 61 3 8573 0444

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