As part of a joint project with eHealth, Regis’ has launched the Telehealth Project- a new 2 year pilot project aimed at reducing unnecessary hospital admissions with video conferencing.

The Telehealth Project by eHealth, a branch of NSW Health, builds on existing state-wide Information and Communication Technology programs whose aim is to consolidate and strengthen existing infrastructure and deliver new initiatives in partnership with Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and Pillars.

This new eHealth initiative will introduce video conferencing infrastructure at Regis Hornsby, NSW. Clinical Managers and Registered Nurses can utilise this technology where appropriate (i.e. non-emergency situations) for residents to have a consultation with a triage nurse at the local Emergency Department (ED), without having to transport the patient to the hospital.

This initiative is expected to benefit the healthcare industry by reducing the strain placed on hospitals, as well as benefit the resident by reducing the wait time in hospital Emergency Departments and associated trauma / disruption to care.

Regis’ is excited to join the Telehealth Project and our Hornby residents and families have been invited to use the technology as well as our residents local GPs.