Students from 100 schools were paired with centenarians from across Melbourne who participated in the 100 Exhibition an art project produced in association with the Victorian Seniors Festival and Victorian State Government.

This inter-generational project brings together students and centenarians who share experiences, their history and simply get to know each other. The young artists from various schools then produce a sketch of their chosen centenarian to feature in the 100 Exhibition.

Beryl – Regis Alawarra

Regis Alawarra and Regis Blackburn participated in the project with centenarians Lorna, Beryl and Vera catching up with students and taking the chance to be part of this unique inter-generational art project.

You can see the final works of art at The Stables 2 Wreckyn St, Melbourne. Open till 17 October 10am-5pm.

Vera – Regis Alawarra

Lorna – Regis Blackburn