Hi All,

“R U OK?”

Wondering what I mean?

If your answer is yes, let me introduce to you the “R U OK?” organisation.

It is a not-for-profit body which raises awareness of mental health by encouraging people to take an interest in the wellbeing of their family, friends and colleagues. A little question can make a big difference to those people who may be struggling in silence with mental health issues. Click here for more information about the project. 

Positive mental health is vital for everyone to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life and is considered one of the most important areas of health.

Regis understands this and encourages everyone to support positive mental health in the workplace by asking the question “R U OK?”. To spread the awareness and importance of identifying someone who is struggling with mental health issues, various events such as morning teas and BBQ’s are held across all facilities to facilitate a culture where people feel confident to ask and answer the question “R U OK?”.
Regis is all ears and we want to hear if you or anyone else in the workplace are not feeling OK.
Watch and listen for the opportunities coming up within your Facility to ask “R U OK?”