About Aged Care

Aged Care has moved far beyond the old-fashioned assumptions and perceptions of nursing homes.

There are a vast range of aged care services available to anyone who is finding it difficult to manage aspects of day-to-day living. These range from in home care to facilities where more support and specialist care is available.

If you’re just starting out looking for the support you need, be choosy.

Selecting an aged care service or facility is a big move. We urge anyone looking into aged care to consider what they need. All aged care homes need to meet strict requirements and must have government approval before they can provide care. Some aged care homes provide extra services, extra comfort and more personalised programs. Some will provide extra training for their staff, their nurses and their management. Some provide more specialised healthcare offerings, like massage therapy and pet therapy.

Take the time to understand how comfortable and happy you’ll be once you make the move.

Home Care

Most people want to live independently in their own home. Home care services, ensure you get help with the things you may be starting to have trouble doing on your own. This can be as simple as needing help changing a light globe. It might mean having someone help you get dressed. Or take you shopping.

Regis offers Home Care, Consumer Directed Care (CDC), National Respite Carer Program and Day Therapy services at various sites. State and Territory Governments may also have services to help.

Aged care homes

Aged care homes provide permanent and temporary accommodation for people requiring special or more constant support. People choose to move to aged care for any number of reasons. Because they want extra company. Because their community has changed. Because their carer can no longer provide the levels of nursing and support they need.

Please note: different aged care facilities will offer different levels of service and comfort.

Assessing your needs

Any potential resident must be assessed by the government as requiring care. This assessment helps you understand what level of care you need. And, in many cases, whether you can claim a government rebate to reduce your fees.

These assessments can be arranged by calling 1800 200 422 or through myagedcare.gov.au