Our Definition

Sustainability is the term for all things that decrease our dependence on non-renewable energy and increase the idea of living within the means of our current environment without damaging it for the future. Sustainable initiatives should address the issues of ecological robustness, social equity and economic viability.

Sustainability is the responsibility of every person every day. It is about changing attitudes, responses and mindsets that reduces consumption of natural resources such as water and electricity, thereby helping to control carbon emissions and pollution levels.

To Regis, environmental sustainability is using natural resources to endeavour, through all our decisions, behaviours and activities, to be environmentally robust, socially conscious, and economically viable.

In pursuing our vision of “promoting and enhancing the quality of life of residents entrusted into our care”, we acknowledge the environmental and social impacts of our operations and are committed to actively managing and minimising our carbon footprint
– Ross Johnston, Managing Director & CEO

Our Approach

On 5 June 2018 (World Environment Day), Regis launched our first Sustainability Program, “Ignite”. The Program marks a new chapter in our journey towards a sustainable future and is a first step toward establishing an appropriate framework through which we can begin to more accurately measure our progress in creating a sustainable business. Regis views the Sustainability program as a way to make a positive impact on the natural environment and communities around us.

We recognise that our company has an impact on our internal and external stakeholders including our employees, clients (who include our Aged Care and Retirement Village residents and Home Care clients), as well as the wider public and community. We recognise the benefits of sustainability and the need to focus in reducing our environmental footprint as well as delivering facilities that are more operationally efficient and improve resident health and wellbeing.

We are improving Regis’ sustainability approach to ensure we identify all our relevant stakeholders, our material sustainability issues and risks, and the initiatives through which we address and govern these issues.

Sustainability Steering Committee

Formed on 19 October 2018, the Sustainability Steering Committee (“the Committee”) is a committee of the Managing Director & CEO, members of the Executive Leadership team (“ELT”) and employees of Regis Healthcare. The Committee is charged with advising Regis leadership on matters pertaining to the organisation’s sustainability initiatives and environmental and economic performance.

The Committee represents stakeholder groups across the business to provide the greatest diversity of opinion.

The Committee meets four times a year to review policies and progress towards the commitments outlined in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy and Statement.

You can view the Committee’s Charter here.

Our Environment

There is an increased awareness of environmental issues including climate change and the sustainability of natural resources globally. In response, we are increasing our environmental sustainability focus in Regis’ operations.

Regis aims to promote sustainability initiatives, environmental responsibility and resource-efficient processes that drive improved operational and environmental outcomes.

We have commenced a comprehensive process to identify and evaluate the environmental impact of our facilities. This is part of Regis’ strategy to reduce our carbon emissions and to limit our impact on global warming.

Our Environmental Sustainability Statement

One of our first objectives is to integrate and promote greater environmental responsibility and resource-efficient processes across our operations and activities. In 2018 we launched our first Environmental Sustainability Statement, signed off by Graham Hodges (Chairman) and Ross Johnston (Managing Director/CEO). The Statement demonstrates Regis’ commitment to having a sustainable approach to management by integrating environmental sustainability across all our activities as well as fostering a shared sense of responsibility for optimal environmental performance from senior management through to our employees and subcontractors.

Read the Environmental Sustainability Statement.

We will use the Environmental Sustainability Statement as the foundation for building and delivering the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Action Plan and targets over the next few years.

Environmental Leadership Award

In 2018 we introduced a new category in our National Awards – the Environmental Leadership Award. This award is for outstanding achievement by a Regis team/group of employees in the implementation of environmental sustainability initiatives.

We recognise teams who have made a significant and voluntary contribution to environmental sustainability through projects that:

  • Have a positive impact on the environment and have a meaningful and demonstrable impact on Regis by helping protect the environment and/or enhance the quality of life for customers.
  • Embrace innovation/ creativity and is a new concept, technology or practice for Regis.
  • Overcome challenges to be implemented.
  • Is transferable and can be replicated by sites/ teams.
  • Demonstrate initiative and how the group took voluntary action to move environmental sustainability forward at their site.

Case Studies/Stories

Answer the Gorillas’ Call

As part of National Recycling Week in 2018, Regis collected 30 mobile phones and 6 kgs of electronic equipment for Zoos Victoria’s ‘They’re Calling on You’ campaign to help save the gorillas in Africa. Our mobile phones and other electronic equipment donations is equivalent to:

  • Providing 6 life saving doses of antibiotics for ill baby gorillas
  • Providing 3 full tanks of petrol needed for the Gorilla Doctors to reach the forest to monitor the health of gorillas
  • Reducing 11Kgs of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Planting 2 Trees

A Small Choice Can Make a Big Difference

1,000,000,000 disposable coffee cups are used in Australia each year. Regis National Office stopped the purchase of disposable cups in July 2018. Through this we save (annually):

  • 17,000 litres of water
  • 7 trees
  • 126 kgs of waste
  • 2,041 kgs of carbon emissions

Golden Opportunities Energy Efficiency Program

Bayside City Council was granted funding from Sustainability Victoria to provide a workshop and engage local aged care facilities to help identify energy saving opportunities. Regis was invited, and participated, in the workshop. Our National Sustainability Manager presented Regis’ sustainability progress to date and secured 4 x Level 1 Energy audits (free of charge) of our Brighton, Frankston, Cranbourne and Sandringham facilities to identify energy efficiency opportunities.

Sustainability Victoria Funding Grants

Regis recently won four government grants through Sustainability Victoria’s ‘Boosting Business Productivity’ funding program. The grant funding will be used to conduct energy assessments of the Regis facilities in Brighton, Cranbourne, Frankston and Sandringham, representing significant savings. The assessments will identify opportunities to improve our operational and energy performance while reducing our environmental impact.

Read the Sustainability Victoria Funding Grants newsroom post.

Ozone ‘Envirosaver’ systems

Over the past two years Regis installed EnviroSaver Ozone Laundry Disinfection in 131 onsite laundries with a total capacity of 3,008 kgs, across 47 facilities. EnviroSaver is an ozone washing technology that utilises the technology of ozone resulting in impressive utility cost savings on water, waste, electricity and gas. Through the Envirosaver technology, we save approximately 77 million litres of water, 1.73 million KW/h of electricity, 19 million megajoules of gas, CO2 emissions reduction of 3,571 tons and circa $850,000 in expenses annually.


In late 2016 Regis undertook the installation of two 100 Kw grid connected solar arrays at Regis Tiwi in Darwin (NT) and Regis Redlynch in Cairns (QLD). The photovoltaic arrays involved the installation of 1,275 M2 of panels equal to the size of an Olympic swimming pool across the available roof space to afford the best solar gain.

Annual generation for both sites has been rewarding environmentally with a renewable green energy component reducing our carbon emissions and also expense saving in reduced energy bills (through lower energy consumption from the grid). The solar systems for both facilities generate in excess of 284 megawatts of electricity annually; this would power 72 domestic single person dwellings annually with renewable energy. We have also achieved expense savings of approximately $160,000 for both facilities since installing the systems.

LED Lighting

Lighting is a major source of energy consumption in our facilities and contributes to carbon emissions across our portfolio. Energy efficient light emitting diode (“LED”) lights use just a fraction of the amount of energy needed by incandescent lights; they also give off less heat and last far longer. We upgraded our lighting at five facilities to LED lighting this financial year translating to approximately 80% reduction in annual lighting energy costs as well as a CO2 emissions reduction of approximately 277 tonnes.


On 5 June 2018 (World Environment Day) Pollinate Energy gave a presentation at our National Office on their work, and the importance of sustainability and collective action to tackle climate change. And excitingly, we ran a fundraiser for Pollinate Energy and raised over $3,300 raised for them. The funds will go towards Pollinate recruiting 8 new Pollinators; each Pollinator can reach 1,200 people per year so our contribution will help us reach nearly 10,000 disadvantaged women, men and children in the slums of India.

Sustainability Report

Regis Healthcare is proud to launch its first stand-alone, publicly available Sustainability Report. The Report demonstrates our corporate responsibility through publicly reporting on our social and environmental performance and impacts.

Regis’ 2018 Sustainability Report is a landmark initiative and great achievement for the company. The report:

  • identifies the sustainability issues that impact on the environment and community as a result of Regis’ corporate operations and activities
  • describes Regis’ journey towards sustainability, including past achievements, current initiatives and future aspirations
  • provides a 2018 sustainability snapshot.

Download the Regis Sustainability Report (PDF).
Download the Regis Sustainability Snapshot (PDF).


For further information regarding sustainability at Regis please contact