Regis Home Care offers a number of in home care services to help you enjoy the best possible quality of life in the comfort of your own home.

We offer Home Care services in six locations across Australia – Cairns, Metro Melbourne, Mildura, Darwin, Hobart and Launceston. Wherever we are, we work to make sure you get whatever you need, to help you stay in the place you’re most comfortable in.

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In-home care services available to you

When it comes to wanting to stay at home, everyone has different needs.

With Regis, you have access to a huge range of different services. If you need it, you can get everything from help with medications to help preparing meals to simply having someone pop around for a chat. The services cover:

Home care: giving you the support of healthcare professionals with services from assisting with personal hygiene and care, to dressing and undressing, mobility and transportation, rehabilitation, and more.

Home help: lends an extra pair of hands with general errands and keeping your home running smoothly, including cleaning, cooking, shopping, transportation, and facilitating social outings.

Companionship Services: if you just want someone to share some time with, have a coffee, walk down to the bowls club with, or just someone who’s interested in having a chat, we have people who would love to meet you.

These are available as individual services, as services within a home care package and as services on top of a home care package.

Government-funded and Private Home Care services: Our services are available whether you choose government-funded home care or Private Home Care. You can opt for a Regis Home Care package whether you choose government-funded care or take the private option.

Regis Home Care Packages

Our range of packages include:

24 hour in-home care: If you need continual support, you can have it with Regis. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week.

In-home dementia care: If you, or someone you love, has dementia but wants to stay living at home, our trained experts can give them, and you, the confidence to do it.

In-home disabled care: With the right support, you can maintain a high level of independence for anyone. We can provide help with transportation, meal preparation, household maintenance, personal care and more.

In-home palliative care: It is possible to stay at home, with dignity, by surrounding yourself with the right medical support. Our palliative care service ensures you get the proper medical assistance you need, delivered by caring professionals who have the experience to handle this delicate time with respect.

In-home respite care: This is a fantastic way to take whatever time you need to rest and recharge, in a place you feel most comfortable in, confident you’re in good hands.

Veteran Home care: Available in Darwin and Mildura, you can enjoy a huge range of services from respite care and help around the home to personal care and safety-related home and garden maintenance.

Companionship service: If you just need someone to pop over for a chat, have a cup of tea, reminisce about a favourite time, or want some company on an outing, we have a number of people who are great listeners and great companions.

Need a combination of services?

If you want a combination of services, or need a more hands-on level of support, Regis Home Care offers a number of comprehensive home care packages, all available with government funding.

For more information, please see our comprehensive guide to home care packages

You can even get a top up service

Some packages don’t cover all aspects of care. If you want any Regis service, over and above the services you get with funding you may receive, just ask.

Each service is available at a set hourly rate, and you can opt for as little as an hour a day or choose a fully comprehensive 24-hour home care package.

These packages ensure you get extra hours of quality support each week. They can also include the further support of a personal Client Services Manager, a Registered Nurse and, where needed, a Health Professional to provide specific care services.