Respite Care

Short-term and respite care

At Regis, we know what it takes to care for someone you love, and what a difference a bit of support can make.

We offer short and long-term respite stays at each of our Homes—on a planned or emergency basis—and welcome new members to our community.

Respite at Regis provides you the opportunity to take a break with the comfort of knowing your loved one is receiving the care and companionship they deserve.

Residential Respite locations

What is respite care?

Respite care is a short-term offering to support those needing care and to their carers who may need a break.

Being a carer is an admirable commitment. From time to time, you may require a break to rest and recharge. Respite care is the ideal way to know your loved one is being taken care of in a welcoming and safe environment.

All of our Homes across Australia provide residential respite, giving our community the option of temporary care that is suited to your needs.


Looking for respite care?

When your loved one stays at Regis, they’ll experience the benefits of living in a caring community. We have peaceful and comfortable spaces in our lounges and gardens to sit and read, chat with friends, or simply take it all in. Our Homes provide around-the-clock care, nutritious meals cooked on-site, and engaging daily activities tailored to residents’ interests and hobbies.

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