Residential Stays

Staying with Regis

At Regis, we know what it takes to care for someone you love, and what a difference a bit of support can make.

We offer short and long-term temporary stays at each of our Homes (on a planned or emergency basis) and welcome new members to our community.

Respite at Regis provides you the opportunity to take a break with the comfort of knowing your loved one is receiving the care and companionship they deserve.

Residential Respite locations

Here to support you

When your loved one stay at Regis, they will discover the benefits of living in an aged care community.

We have peaceful and comfortable spaces in our lounges and gardens to sit and read, chat with friends, or simply take it all in. We also have regular activities and events, such as arts & crafts, gardening, pet visits, exercise classes, Happy Hour, entertainers, and more. Delicious, home-style meals are prepared fresh each day by our chefs and cooks.

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