Aged Care Facilities Burnside

Aged Care Burnside

Finding the right aged care facility can be stressful. If you are searching for the perfect nursing home near Beaumont, then Regis Burnside might be what you are looking for.

Residents staying at Beaumont retirement home with Regis Burnside will get to enjoy new facilities such as cinema, day spa and of course, high quality aged care.

Located in the heart of leafy Burnside, our home is an oasis of quality care. With a range of accommodation options, Regis Burnside offers ageing in place in our established communities and our new, state of the art aged care home.

Regis Burnside offers a Family Room for when a loved one is in palliative care. Equipped with a sofa bed, tea & coffee making facilities and a pamper trolley, these private rooms offer space and comfort for families.

Our new extension is beautifully appointed with a concierge service, cinema and day spa facilities, and sets a new standard for aged care living.

Regis Burnside was a finalist in the Facility of the Year Award 2010.

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Regis Burnside
6 Booth Avenue Linden Park South Australia 5065

Types of Aged Care

Beaumont aged care at Regis Burnside features the following types of aged care:

  • Ageing-in-place – receiving care in the same facility; individualised care plan updated regularly to reflect the support required.
  • Dementia Specific – targeted services, with specialised staff and facilities to support residents with different stages of dementia.
  • Palliative – sensitive support to residents nearing the end of their life.
  • Respite – short term care and support for residents whose carers are unavailable or for those who need extra support.
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