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Regis North Fremantle

Regis North Fremantle is a welcoming Home in the scenic neighbourhood of Fremantle. We focus on every resident as an individual, so we can provide the best possible care and surround you with what will make you smile. Our aim is to enhance your day-to-day wellbeing, to keep you connected with your favourite things and loved ones, and help you embrace your interests.

At our North Fremantle aged care home, care is at the centre of what we do. Our highly-qualified and passionate employees understand the needs of our residents and are proud to provide them with the support they need to live life on their terms.

To find out more about Regis North Fremantle contact one of our friendly team members on 1300 998 100 or fill out our enquiry form.

What can we offer you?

Our aged care Home in Perth welcomes both respite residents and those looking for a more permanent offering.

Sitting on the rise between the Swan and the sea, in the shadow of two towering pines, Regis North Fremantle is a tranquil Home, ideally situated a short walk from both the Mosman Park Cricket Club and the North Fremantle Bowling Club.

This stunning heritage building retains much of its old-world opulence, and provides a secure and welcoming environment for those looking for quality residential care. Outside, our open courtyard gardens and numerous activity areas encourage companionship, stimulation and relaxation.

As a Club Services Home, we also offer residents a private dining room, cinema, day spa, hairdressing salon, and an onsite café exclusively for Club Services members.


Meet Yvonne – Resident at Regis North Fremantle

Yvonne is a new but very beloved resident at Regis North Fremantle. When we asked her “what does Home mean to you,” she gave us her insightful outlook.

“Belonging to something you live in, enjoying what is around you and having what you like surrounding you. Still having independence. Feeling blessed. The ability to go in and out. Family. Having a purpose.”

Yvonne grew up in India and travelled throughout her whole life. From the time she was married at 19, she travelled to multiple countries with her husband who was a Marine Engineer, exclaiming “I went everywhere!” Yvonne now has her family of 3 children, 4 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. In her spare time, she loves keeping busy with gardening work, but also has several other hobbies including sewing, interior design, singing and music. Yvonne is grateful for travelling and the “joy of living.”


Mealtimes at Regis North Fremantle

Mealtimes at Regis North Fremantle are an important part of our resident’s day and it’s essential that we provide choice and freshness to our menu.

Our teams carefully select seasonal, well-sourced produce when designing our menus and residents play a large part in the process. All our recipes are always evolving and are rigorously tested by our chefs and residents before we introduce any new dishes. We understand that variety and choice are important and that’s why we review and monitor resident feedback so that we can offer bespoke menus designed around what our residents enjoy.

A nutritious diet is vital in supporting both our physical health as well as emotional wellbeing. Good food nourishes the body, brings people together, and provides enjoyment in everyday life.


Protecting our community

At Regis North Fremantle, our highest priority is the health and safety of our residents, employees, and visitors. We pride ourselves on the well-established infection prevention and control measures that we have in place, which create a safe and secure environment for all. In response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen disruptions to supply chains and stock procurement, we have established dedicated hubs in Perth to store our vital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

By equipping ourselves with PPE, we can continue to deliver the highest level of care to our residents and clients, even during these difficult times.

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Regis North Fremantle
23 Harvest Road, North Fremantle WA 6159