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Spirit Employee Benefits

Benefits that grow with you and meet your needs

Regis is more than a great company to work for, it’s a way of life that offers genuine opportunities for people to expand their horizons and realise their potential. Our size, reputation and growth ensure every employee has ready access to professional development , recognition and wellbeing benefits that are second to none.

Your Health and Financial Wellbeing is important to us – which is why we have developed and partnered with selected providers to offer employees a growing range of benefits to make sure you get the most out of your working and personal life.

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In addition to providing rewarding and meaningful work in a strong values-based organisation, we also offer:

  • Competitive pay rates and conditions
  • Career pathways and opportunities across Australia
  • Strong professional and clinical development programs including Graduate Nurse Program, Student Placement, Traineeships and Study Assistance Programs
  • Robust CovidSafe plans and commitment to ensuring employee safety and wellbeing
  • Employee discount and benefits programs
  • Reward and recognition programs including our Annual National Care Awards


Regis – We love your work
Regis values the remarkable work our employees do and we have developed a program of events and opportunities for people to show their gratitude to their peers in a way which is both meaningful and inspiring.

Our Calendar of Events held throughout the year includes:

Employee of the Moment

This award provides managers, care recipients, visitors and employees with a chance to acknowledge our star performers and thank them for their stellar work.

Wall of Thanks

The Wall of Thanks is an innovative forum for each team to publicly thank each other for going that extra mile. The awesome factor can include anything from helping a colleague or making a difference to our residents’ lives.

National Awards of Excellence

Our annual National Award of Excellence program recognises outstanding performances by Regis employees and volunteers across 12 different categories. So if you want to nominate someone and get involved visits Regis National Awards.

Team Events

At Regis, we celebrate successes big and small – not only as individuals but also as a team. Bringing our people together through our team events provides us with a unique opportunity to thank them for their shared efforts on behalf of both Regis and our residents.

Service Milestone

We value the loyalty and dedication of our people and each year formally recognise the achievements of around 600 long serving employees who have reached significant service milestones with us. Special celebratory events and presentations are held around the country bi-annually to thank employees for their commitment and for choosing to be part of the Regis family.
To see the latest photos from Events visit our Gallery.


At Regis, we provide our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to grow in their roles. Our aim is to empower, support and enable our people to unlock their true potential.

As a purpose-driven organisation, we invest in professional development programs to enable our employees to make a career out of doing what they love.

We offer a variety of opportunities and pathways which ensures we attract, retain and build on the passion and knowledge of our people. Whether team members are looking to fast track their career or want to improve skills in a specific area, our programs are available to equip our workforce with the knowledge they need to deliver the best care possible to our residents and clients.

What people development programs does Regis offer?


OWL stands for Onboarding, Welcoming, Learning. This program is designed for Assistants in Nursing (AIN)/Personal Care Assistants (PCA) who are interested in being trained to buddy up with new AINs/PCAs through their onboarding, welcoming and coaching them within the Home.



Boost is a three-day intensive program to equip new Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses with skills to support their role in the aged care sector.


Day 1: Quality systems and accreditation, clinical documentation, admission process, risk assessment, incident reporting, charting, care plan consultations, and family engagement.
Day 2: Clinical assessment, dietary communications, outbreak management, diabetes management, dementia care and wound management.
Day 3: Palliative care, leadership skills, effective communication, clinical care delegation, managing complaints and crisis management.



Our Advance program is designed to provide knowledge and skills to enable high performing Registered Nurses (RN) to step up to higher level clinical leadership roles, support their Homes by backfilling Clinical Care Manager (CCM) leave and generally gaining a more thorough understanding of the impact their work has on the overall governance of clinical care. This program is also valuable to Clinical Care Managers, Clinical Team Leaders (CTL) and Clinical Team Coordinators (CTC) who are new to Regis.



Day 1: Advanced Clinical Care (CCM Work Role, Oversight and schedule)
Day 2: Advanced Clinical Care (Incidents, Infection Control & Prevention, Wound, Palliative Care, Dementia Care Review and Oversight)
Day 3: Advanced Clinical Care (Quality, Compliance & Continuous Improvement, Audits, NQI & CI, Meetings, Clinical Requirements, Budgets, Staff Rosters including Leave, Resident Information and Funds)
Day 4: Business Skills for CCMs (Facilitated by SMEs from Recruitment, Funding & Documentation and Relationships Team – Covers Recruitment, retention, ACFI Appraisals, Estimates and the Regis Sales Process)
Day 5: Leadership Workshop and Graduation