Why work at Regis?

Why work at Regis?

Regis offers you the support you need for the career you want.

At Regis, you’ll find a professional challenge; whether you want to fast track-your career or simply want a steady job, there is a position to match your ambitions. As one of Australia’s largest aged care providers you’ll be part of a unique and supportive team where each staff member is valued.

We set our standards high

Our values lie at the core of everything we do for our aged care residents. We call this The Regis Way.

Optimism: We are enthusiastic about what we do;
Passion: We make a positive difference everyday;
Integrity: We act in a professional and ethical manner at all times;
Respect: We listen; we are polite and treat every person with courtesy.

We are guided by our values, and we set high expectations for ourselves. All of our aged care Homes are fully accredited and undergo stringent assessments on a regular basis – both from external agencies and through our own internal audit processes.

We push the boundaries and invest in what’s important

We want to raise the standards of aged care by making high quality services available to everyone who needs support. To ensure this is possible we:

Invest in our people

We will reward your work ethic with access to an array of opportunities to grow, learn and achieve no matter what your job role. When you join Regis, we want to bring out the best of your skills and abilities, so that you can bring your best to the people in our care. Through continual on-the-job coaching, scholarships and innovative training programs we’ll give you what you need to reach your professional goals.

Invest in our Homes

We develop and use innovative programs; which allow us to remain at the forefront of what we do and ensure we maintain the dignity of our residents at all times. Some examples of these programs include:

  • Mosaic – a room identification system unique to Regis which enhances our care and encourages socialisation
  • PIEC&S – a lifestyle program designed to address the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Community and Spiritual needs of the people living in our Homes
  • PARO – a state of the art therapeutic robotic seal. The lifelike ‘carebot’ interacts with residents, responds to their moods all the while enhancing the wellbeing and social skills of those living with dementia

Every employee has the opportunity to contribute to a highly innovative aged care workplace, which celebrates new ideas and embraces change.

Invest in the industry

Regis has set new benchmarks in aged and home care. We do this because we genuinely respect the people we care for and we want them to be able to live their life on their terms.


Regis – We love your work

Regis values the remarkable work our employees do and we have developed a program of events and opportunities for people to show their gratitude to their peers in a way which is both meaningful and inspiring.

Our Calendar of Events celebrates staff achievements throughout the year including Employee of the Moment, Wall of Thanks, National Awards of Excellence, Team Events and Service Milestones. To see the latest photos from Regis staff events visit our Gallery.

Employee of the Moment

This award provides managers, residents, visitors and employees with a chance to acknowledge our outstanding staff and thank them for their amazing contribution.

Wall of Thanks

The Wall of Thanks is an innovative forum for each team to publicly thank each other for going that extra mile. The personalised appreciation can include anything from helping a colleague or making a difference to our residents’ lives.

National Awards of Excellence

Our annual National Award of Excellence program recognises outstanding performances by Regis employees and volunteers across 12 different categories. So if you want to nominate someone and get involved visit National Regis Care Awards.

Team Events

At Regis, we celebrate successes big and small – not only as individuals but also as a team. Bringing our people together through our team events provide us with a unique opportunity to thank them for their shared efforts on behalf of both Regis and our residents.

Service Milestone

We value the loyalty and dedication of our people and each year formally recognise the achievements of around 600 long serving employees who have reached significant service milestones with us. Special celebratory events and presentations are held around the country bi-annually to thank employees for their commitment and for choosing to be part of the Regis family.


Giving you the opportunities to do the work you love

It takes a special kind of person to work in aged care and in-home care and a special kind of organisation to grow and create opportunities together. This is why Regis had made a significant investment in its professional development programs to enable our employees to make a career out of doing what they love. And so our residents have a consistent, experienced presence in their lives.

Our continued growth means we are uniquely placed to offer exceptional career opportunities and pathways to Regis team members – and where possible, are committed to promoting from within to ensure we retain and build on the passion, knowledge, and strengths of our people.

Whether you’re looking to fast-track your career or want to improve your skills in a specific area, courses are available on-site in central locations, or through our online learning portal.

We offer:

  • Carers Connect – a unique selection process with real life scenarios and hands on support to ensure our prospective carers are indeed inducted and trained in the Regis Way.
  • OWL Buddy Training – were talented carers are trained to mentor and guide new recruits into the workplace and support them in their role.
  • ELearning – a comprehensive online learning system which allows you to keep up to date with the latest industry benchmarks and best practice.
  • Face-to-Face Programs – designed by Regis to enable clinical staff to excel in each of the key areas of Documentation, Clinical Skills and Leadership, these programs guarantee practical improvement skills, knowledge and leadership behaviours.
  • Face-to-Face Programs – designed by Regis to prepare clinicians looking for career growth. We have a specially designed program to develop the clinical and business skills of high performers.
  • Individual Development – we provide a number of training options for all staff depending on their current skills and career path (how far do you wish to go!)
  • Study Days – to further support employee growth and ability, we offer a series of annual study days and provide access to workshops facilitated by internal and external subject matter experts.

Financial Support and Study Assistance

We also offer financial support through our annual Study Assistance Program and up to five days of paid study leave for employees undertaking approved study relevant to their work.

Regis Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2019-20

Regis Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2019-20

Career Moves, Transfers and Secondments

If you are a current Regis employee and are interested in taking that next career step, contact your Manager for more information about our professional development programs, or check out our promoting within opportunities just login to People Central.

Join the Regis Team

If you’re not currently employed by Regis but have a passion for working with an innovative industry leader that will help you realise your full potential, then look on Seek or email jobs@regis.com.au