At Regis, we value in the strength of companionship and the vibrant communities that exist in our homes. Many friendships have been forged between fellow residents and employees, including Paddy and John from Regis Greenbank.

In 2021, Paddy first met John, kicking off a lasting friendship that continues to this day.

Paddy was in the Daylily lounge doing some jigsaw puzzles when John came close and stood beside her.

“I asked him if he would you like to help me, but he said that he was just content to watch me complete the puzzle,” Paddy said.

The next morning, Paddy heard a gentle knock on her door, and to her surprise, it was John who had come to visit her. This unexpected visit marked the beginning of a wonderful relationship that Paddy fondly remembers.

“That was the moment when things started to go well for us. We became very good friends, and our relationship blossomed.”

One of the secrets to their enduring friendship is their shared passions. Paddy and John have a love for gardening and they often spend time together tending to the plants and nurturing seeds.

Despite their deep bond, Paddy and John value their individuality. While John enjoys playing pool, Paddy participates in the numerous activities offered by the Home. However, no matter how they choose to spend their time, they always come back together. This balance between personal time and shared moments has strengthened their friendship.

The companionship between Paddy and John at Regis Greenbank is a reminder of the power of connection.