Edith and Cliff’s Story

Edith and Cliff came to live at Regis Como in May 2019 and were happy to know they could continue to live together in one of our companion rooms.

Whilst Edith is very involved in the lifestyle program here at the home, Cliff does prefer the tranquility of his room.

Edith has always enjoyed the immersing herself in our garden, however since COVID-19 she has been spending more time out there which has been keeping her busy and her mind positive. Cliff has also started coming outside and enjoying the sunshine and watching Edith potter around the garden. Mel, our Lifestyle Coordinator, says she couldn’t have revamped our central courtyard without Edith’s daily watering and pottering. We just love the bright colours and can’t wait for our grapes and mangoes and veggies and sunflowers to flourish.

Edith says “I love all the staff at Regis Como, they are always helpful and positive.  Best of all I love getting out in to the garden. I have been a green thumb all of my life. I am very content and I still have Cliff my husband. We are both very lucky to have each other.”

Edith and Cliff also recently celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary here at Regis Como.