What is Home Care

Why choose Home care?

The government is making it easier for people to stay in their home longer. The services provided by Regis Home Care help you live life the way you choose, in your own home. And they are as individual as you are. You simply choose the services you need.

Services cover nursing care and non-nursing needs:

Home care: the support of healthcare professionals that covers services such as assisting with personal hygiene and care, dressing and undressing, mobility and transportation, rehabilitation regimes, and more.

Home help: lends an extra pair of hands with general errands and keeping your home running smoothly, including shopping, transportation, cleaning, cooking, and tidying tasks.

Companionship: some company while you go shopping, take a stroll, go swimming or accompany you to your favourite places.

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You have a choice of two types of Home Care packages

Government-funded packages, Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be eligible for government funding. There are four different levels of funding. To determine if you are eligible for a government-funded Home Care package, and which level of funding is right for you, you need to have a personal assessment. (You can find out more about the assessment here.)


Private home care packages, where you pay for the services you need. Private packages can give you more choice, allowing you to choose extra services which can make life more comfortable. This could range from a friendly hand to help with the housework extra coffee to a comforting presence when friends and family are away to extra nursing care on top of what you already receive.

Government, or Private, or both?

Regis offers both types of packages. And we can work with you to create a package that works for you. It’s all about helping you make your life more comfortable.

This can be either us helping you make the most of the package you have, or as a way of topping up the services you get in a government-funded package, to include more of the services you’d like, for a simple fee. You can find out more about private home care packages and service fees here.

If you need help deciding which package suits you best, please get in touch.

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What’s next?

Government-funded home care packages are available to any who qualifies.

To find out if you qualify, you’ll need to have an assessment.

This assessment is free. And, if you want a hand, we can guide you through the whole process. For more information on how the process works, go to My Aged Care.

We can make it easier for you. Start the ball rolling, simply call 1300 188 740 to talk to Regis Advice.


Please note, assessments can take time. There can be a wait before your assessment happens. And as your Home Care package is organised once you’ve been assessed. If you need some extra support at home, while you wait for your assessment, with anything from help getting dressed to extra nursing support to simply having some company while you go shopping, we can help.

It’s what we do.

To see what services are available, either as complete care packages or as additional services, please see our Services page.

To find out more about how Regis Home Care services can help you stay comfortably in your own home, book a free consultation with Regis Advice and call 1300 188 740.

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