This International Nurses Day we’re spotlighting some of the nurses at Regis that make invaluable contributions towards the care and wellbeing of our residents. 

Manju Varghese is one of Regis Blackburn’s dedicated Registered Nurses. Since 2016, Manju has been providing exceptional care and support to residents and their families. 

Inspired by her family and passion for helping others, Manju found a natural career in nursing. 

“My parents encouraged me to become a nurse as, from a young age, I always wanted to help people”, she said. 

“I am proud to be a nurse as I can make a difference to the lives of residents. I am proud to be trusted to provide holistic care and be an advocate for the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of all those in my care,” said Manju. 

Speaking of the rewarding nature of being a nurse, Manju said, “I believe that improving someone’s quality of life is a reward. Being a nurse, I have personal fulfilment and job satisfaction.” 

“I care deeply about my family and I want to care for the residents in aged care in the same way as they are vulnerable and need care and support. By providing compassionate care and support, I believe that elderly people age with dignity and live their lives to the fullest.” 

“Aged care is a dynamic, exciting, empathetic, knowledge filled and amazing career choice.” 

Thank you to all the nurses who prioritise the needs and requirements of our residents and families.