Meet Judith, a vibrant lady who has been a cherished resident at Regis Marleston for 16 years. What makes Judith remarkable is that she is also an active volunteer at the Home who is passionate about spending time helping others. 

Judith’s life took on a new dimension when she decided to dedicate her time to volunteering. Throughout her life, she spent time working with Aboriginal children through her church and contributed to several charities, including Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul and the Women’s Centre in St Clair. This sparked her genuine desire to help others within the community. 

At the onset of this year, Judith commenced volunteering with the lifestyle team at Regis Marleston and has been actively supporting the lifestyle team, finding joy in spending time in the office alongside Carol, the residence’s Lifestyle Coordinator. Judith expressed her motivation, saying, “I enjoy assisting others, and supporting Carol is particularly special to me; she holds a special place in my heart.” 

This year, Judith stated her keen interest in sharing her knowledge with others, prompting Carol to suggest she runs an art class with the other residents. This has led to the development of monthly art sessions which have been a huge hit amongst everyone at the Home. 

“I like volunteering because it makes me feel important, it gives me purpose and meaning and I love to help others. It makes me happy to see others happy. It makes me feel like I belong, and I love talking with everyone,” shared Judith. 

Among Judith’s favourite lifestyle activities are bingo, shopping for clothes, scenic bus trips to the beach, dancing, attending concerts and participating in her beloved art classes. Her enthusiasm for life has flourished since Regis Marleston acquired a resident computer, opening new avenues for her. Judith is an incredibly social person and now eagerly emails family and friends, explores the internet and dedicates spare time to researching lifestyle activities for her fellow residents. 

For Judith, care means being looked after, having choices, and feeling part of a community, which she feels Regis Marleston supports her with. 

She said, “Care means that I am looked after, my decisions are respected, I have choices, and am enabled to have the freedom to do as much or as little as I want. I am heard and feel part of the community.”