Lifestyle Assistant, Bhumi Tamang, has been an integral part of the team at Regis Como since August last year. Always driven to look after others, Bhumi felt “the aged care sector met all the requirements that I was looking for in my job, and it is one of the best decisions of my life.”  

“Every day is different” working in aged care. However, Bhumi is always working hard to ensure all residents are happy. She helps plan activities for our residents that get them actively engaged and involved, as well as provides them with one-on-one support.  

Bhumi loves her role at Regis Como, finding satisfaction in her work by being able to give back to the community. She thoroughly appreciates “providing care, interacting with the residents and getting involved with the Lifestyle Team to plan activities.”  

“I always get to gain a lot of skills, knowledge, and perspectives that have helped me do better work.” 

Working in aged care is “very rewarding” to Bhumi, as she feels “appreciated and it encourages me to do better… it feels really good to be in someone’s life and be able to help make a positive difference in their day.”  

Bhumi feels passionate about working in aged care and being able to contribute positively to the lives of the older community. “If you are looking for a rewarding career path that is also secure and fulfilling, the aged care sector may be the best option for you.”  

When she’s not at work, Bhumi enjoys exploring new places, trying new foods and spending time with loved ones.